Shri P. Basanth Kumar, I.A.S. Vice-chairman of VUDA addressed the Students

Shri P. Basanth Kumar, I.A.S. Vice-chairman of VUDA addressed the Students

12 June 2017: 

Shri P. Basanth Kumar, I.A.S. Vice-chairman of Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority (VUDA) addressed the students here on Monday, the first day of the commencement of second year classes. 

Narrating the benefits of learning he derived from attending the Post Graduate Program in Public Policy at IIM Bangalore, he highlighted the importance of the sound understanding and knowledge of public policy and management for any functionary in the government, in dealing with matters of citizens' interest and public service delivery. 

He shared the challenges and opportunities in civil services and how a committed public servant with passion and integrity could make a huge positive difference. He exhorted the students to apply their learning in the context of development management. He said it is heartening that the Sunrise State of AP is utilizing the services of management graduates from IIMV and is leveraging their learning for realizing the vision of the Hon'ble CM on performance, growth and progress.

He encouraged the students to consider civil services as a career choice, which offers great opportunities for them as management graduates, in the fulfillment of their aspirations on personal and professional front.

Business Secretary welcomes the Speaker

Student Business Secretary welcoming the Speaker.

President presenting a memento

President, Students Affairs Council presenting a memento to the speaker. Director of IIMV is also seen.