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Prof.M Chandrasekhar

With several firsts to its credit, IIM Visakhapatnam is being described by many as a precocious child, much ahead of its time! As we embark on the ambitious journey of attaining the standards of global excellence, we are well-poised to contributing to the exciting growth story of ‘New India’, through management education and research programs that are not only exacting in rigour and relevance, but are also current with context and contemporary in content.

The continuing mentorship by IIM Bangalore, the globally acknowledged leader in management education, is a source of invaluable knowledge-support to us, strengthening our academic standards; research performance; faculty capacities; and governance processes.

We are proud of producing our own distinct brand of well-rounded professionals, confident managers, capable leaders and socially responsible citizens for the business enterprises, government and the civil society, exemplified in our emerging as a well-sought-after source for management talent.

With heightened focus on integrated learning, innovative curriculum, imaginative pedagogy, internationalization and industry-interface aimed at continuously expanding the horizons, enriching the competencies and enhancing the capacities of our students, we are setting for ourselves, with every passing year, new heights to scale and tougher benchmarks to achieve.

We invite you to visit us virtually (viz. this website) or in person, to experience the buzz and excitement at the Institute, know more about our strong value-propositions; and to explore opportunities for mutually beneficial engagement and rewarding association!