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Rakesh Godhwani

Rakesh Godhwani

Rakesh Godhwani
General Management
PhD - Cardiff Metropolitan University (pursuing)
PGSEM - IIM Bangalore

Rakesh’s research and teaching interests focus on how a charismatic leader builds a persuasive message to impact audiences.

Rakesh is an Adjunct Faculty at IIM Bangalore, coaches promising startups and senior managers in the industry, gives seminars and talks in corporate events and colleges, reads a story to his kids every night before they sleep, bicycles, does yoga, writes, earns a fraction of what he used to, but lives a million times better.

His latest book “What to Say and when to Shut Up!” was released by Penguin Random House in November 2014. Rakesh has worked in Wipro, Intel and Qualcomm before he took the plunge to pursue his passion in academia.

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