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 Prof. M Chandrasekhar

 Visakhapatnam is the crucible of intellect, innovation and industry; entrepreneurship and enterprise. That the city is
 base to several large, medium and small companies (public and private) in the core sector, energy, nancial
 services, infrastructure, IT, pharma etc. exemplies this fact.

 For these city-based organizations to continue to succeed in competition and excel in delivering value to their
 stakeholders through their products and/or services, it's important that their human resources are up-to-date with
 new knowledge and skill sets to address challenges in the current business context.
 The  PGPEx  (Post  Graduate  Program  for  Experienced-professionals)  of  IIM  Visakhapatnam  (an  Institution  of
 National Importance under the IIM Act 2017) addresses precisely this felt-need. The curated Program contributes to
 the development of professional managers, entrepreneurs, and stewards of existing and emerging enterprises in
 the private, public, and social sectors by providing them with management education of global quality. The content-
 rich curriculum and learner-centric pedagogy help the Program-participants successfully build on their system
 skills, soft skills and social skills.

 With classes scheduled conveniently in the evenings and over weekends, the Program, now in its second batch,
 offers an ideal 'learn while you earn' opportunity to professionals based in and around Visakhapatnam.

 “Welcome Aboard” is our call to all the aspirants with ambition to lead as game-changers and change-makers in
 their organizations!

 Message: Chairperson, PGPEx

 Indian Institute of Management Visakhapatnam has started the two-year Post
 Graduate Program for Experienced-professionals (PGPEx) in 2019. This program
 is an excellent opportunity for experienced professionals located in and around
 the City of Visakhapatnam to excel in their career, without taking a break from their
 The program has been designed with a mix of core and elective courses along
 with International Immersion and a capstone project. I am sure this program will
 be exciting and enriching, and will immensely help the participants to excel in their   About Program
 careers, and contribute to their organisations and the nation at large. I welcome
 the aspiring professionals to become part of the second batch of the PGPEx.
 Prof. B.Srirangacharyulu  The  admission  process  has  started  at  the  Indian  Institute  of  Management
 Chairperson, PGPEx
                          Visakhapatnam (IIMV), for the second batch of the Post Graduate Program for
                          Experienced Professionals (PGPEx) leading to the award of Master of Business
 Message : Coordinator, PGPEx   Administration (MBA) degree.

 To  full  the  unmet  need  for  experienced  managers,  Indian  Institute  of
 Management Visakhapatnam launched  a two-year management program from   This  non-residential  weekend  program  is  an  excellent  opportunity  for
 the year 2019. The program aims at developing executives to accelerate their   experienced professionals located in and around the city of Visakhapatnam to
 career path and assume leadership roles.  acquire new knowledge and skills and advance  their careers.

 With rapidly changing business environment globally, this management program
 empowers  the  practicing  professionals  by  equipping  them  with  skills  and
 requisite  knowledge  to  be  effective  leaders,  while  adding  value  to  their
 organizations in complex situations.
 As Coordinator of the program, I invite all growth-oriented professionals to avail
 Prof. Bhargab Chattopadhyay  this  excellent  opportunity  which,  I  am  convinced,  will  immensely  contribute
 Coordinator, PGPEx   towards their decision-making skills and adds value to your organizations.

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