Modalities of Payment of Program Fee and Other Expenses

  1. From out of the total number of eligible candidates nominated by Central/State Governments, the Program Fee would be paid in entirety by NeGD/MeitY, GoI, for 20 (twenty) candidates in the 2019-21 batch, who qualify for such support.
  2. List of candidates in each batch, who qualify and become eligible for such funding by NeGD/MeitY, would be determined by IIMV following its laid-down Selection Process.
  3. In respect of all other participants from Central/State Governments, the Program Fee will need to be borne in entirety by the respective ministries/departments/organizations themselves, where the nominee is posted.
  4. The Program Fee in respect of applicants from the Public Sector (Central/State) and Private Sector Enterprises may be borne either by the candidates themselves (self-financing), or, by their respective organizations (sponsored).
  5. The “Other Expenses” in respect of all sponsored candidates (whether the Program Fee is paid by NeGD / MeitY or not ) are payable by the respective ministries/departments/organizations (where the nominee is posted); and, by the applicants themselves in case of self-financing candidates.
  6. In all cases, the 'Program Fee' and 'Other Expenses' are payable in full directly to IIMV, each in a single installment, by the dates (to be) prescribed by IIMV.
  7. In all cases, the 'Program Fee' and 'Other Expenses' once paid, are not refundable.

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