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Modalities of Payment of Program Fee and Other Expenses

  1. From out of the total number of eligible candidates nominated by Central/State Governments, the Program Fee would be paid in entirety by NeGD/MeitY, GoI, for 20 (twenty) candidates in the 2019-21 batch, who qualify for such support.
  2. List of candidates in each batch, who qualify and become eligible for such funding by NeGD/MeitY, would be determined by IIMV following its laid-down Selection Process.
  3. In respect of all other participants from Central/State Governments, the Program Fee will need to be borne in entirety by the respective ministries/departments/organizations themselves, where the nominee is posted.
  4. The Program Fee in respect of applicants from the Public Sector (Central/State) and Private Sector Enterprises may be borne either by the candidates themselves (self-financing), or, by their respective organizations (sponsored).
  5. The “Other Expenses” in respect of all sponsored candidates (whether the Program Fee is paid by NeGD / MeitY or not ) are payable by the respective ministries/departments/organizations (where the nominee is posted); and, by the applicants themselves in case of self-financing candidates.
  6. In all cases, the 'Program Fee' and 'Other Expenses' are payable in full directly to IIMV, by the dates (to be) prescribed by IIMV.
  7. In all cases, the 'Program Fee' and 'Other Expenses' once paid, are not refundable.

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