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IIMV has been conducting several major Programs like Two-Year Post-Graduate Program in Management, Two-year Post-Graduate Program for Executives (PGPEx, equivalent to MBA), Two-Year Post-Graduate Program in Digital Governance and Management (equivalent to MBA), Fellow Program in Management (equivalent to Ph.D.). In the past, IIMV conducted several Faculty Development Programs (FDPs), Management Development Programs and TEQIP Programs. However, the ongoing pandemic presented an opportunity to design an online Program for the faculty members, research scholars, who wish to hone their teaching, research, analytical and basic computational skills required both for research and academics.

Open Management Development Programs

Executive Development Program in Digital Supply Chain and Logistics Management.

13 Feb 2022

Globalization of economies has increased competitive pressure and has heightened customer expectations. Emerging manufacturing and supply chain technologies have a profound effect on the way organizations work and conduct their businesses. Organizations are focusing on supply chain and logistics process integration to bring efficiency, cost reduction, product visibility, and increase in productivity to add value to their services to customers and to gain competitive advantage. In this age of digital transformation-based competition, where manufacturing excellence and product innovations are no longer the sources of long-term competitive advantage, but the transformation of supply chain and logistics processes with adopting digital technologies. Today most global and national companies compete based on their logistics and supply chain digital innovation and adopting of fourth generation technologies. Since cost of distribution and logistics is a significant component of the total cost of operations, managers must understand the issues involved in logistics and supply chain management.

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