Post Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing & Growth

Online Classes - Weekend Schedule

Date: 12th Aug 2023

Program Overview: Organisations in the digital age require effective, profitable digital and social marketing strategies to expand their reach and profitability. Digital and social media marketing have become critical components of marketing plans and strategies. The marketing and advertising landscape has been dominated by search engines, websites, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube, as well as blogs, forums, Pinterest, and Snapchat. While most major brands have a strong digital and social media presence, start-ups, SMEs, and even individuals have begun to develop their own digital and social media brand presence. The role of digital and social media in modern marketing efforts cannot be overstated. It is a necessary component of nearly all successful marketing strategies. With the growing emphasis on integrated digital and social media strategies, marketing professionals and organisations must have comprehensive digital and social media expertise. Participants will learn best practices and develop the skills to connect business objectives with digital and social media strategy, platforms, and tactics through case studies, simulations, interactive sessions, hands-on learning, and class exercises. 

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