IIMV Launches Leadership Course for NTPC-Simhadri E5 Executives

The Indian Institute of Management Visakhapatnam inaugurated Foundation Course in General Management for E5 Level Executives of NTPC-Simhadri. The course aims to improve these working professionals' critical abilities and managerial skills. This 6-day training programme, scheduled from 9th to 14nd October 2023, blends foundational competence-building techniques with advanced leadership aptitude, appropriate for future leaders to meet the challenges of a highly dynamic business environment. Twenty officers from NTPC Ltd. are participating in this programme.

Speaking at the inaugural session, chief guest Shri Sanjay Kumar Sinha, HOP NTPC-Simhadri shared the significance of management training for future managerial and leadership roles. In addition, he emphasised the importance of "learning organisation" and change management. He added that the participants need to update themselves with the advancement of technology and inculcate managerial skills to improve workplace productivity, which will directly enhance the productivity of NTPC at the country level. He further highlighted the pivotal role of NTPC in nation-building and shared how the organization has shaped its paths toward success with the help of such programs. He thanked and urged the management of IIMV to offer more programs like this by which the working professionals can get trained to upgrade their managerial skills to lead the organization. 

In her closing remarks, Ms. Ruma De Sharma, Head HR NTPC-Simhadri expressed gratitude towards the program directors and IIMV's management, which has designed such unique courses. She shared her own experience of attending such programmes which helped sharpening her skillsets.

Welcoming the participants, Prof. M.V. Anuradha (Dean Administration) shared that such customized programs help organizations in developing tomorrow's entrepreneurial leaders. While welcoming the dignitaries and participants, Prof. Saroj Kumar Pani (Programme Director) gave a brief overview of the planned sessions. He further semphasized the significance of training programmes that help employees acquire new skills and improve their performance, productivity, and leadership abilities.

Prof. Vishal Singh Patyal (Programme Director) expressed his gratitude towards the NTPC organization, which supports these programs that produce effective managerial skills for their working professionals. He thanked Prof. M Chandrashekhar, Director IIMV, for encouraging them to ideate this program and the faculty members who will deliver sessions on various topics during the program.