A. PhD Programme is the doctoral program of the Indian Institute of Management Visakhapatnam leading to award of ‘PhD degree’. The duration of the programme is 5 years, comprising 2 years of course work, a comprehensive examination and thesis work consisting of a thesis proposal defence and a final thesis evaluation and defence.

A. No, it is a full time programme.

A. Students/Professionals who want to pursue a career in advanced research and academics (including teaching) are the ideal candidates for this programme. The applicant should have high scholastic ability, aptitude for research and excellent analytical skills. He/She should have enough motivation to withstand the rigour of the programme.

A. PhD Programme students are expected to complete course work, pass a comprehensive exam, and excel in their chosen areas of research through high-quality publications.

A. Not necessary. The course work provides understanding of relevant fields of management. Different areas prefer students from diverse backgrounds to match the area requirement.

A. The course is rigorous. It needs a very high quality of academic commitment and integrity. It has stringent requirements at every stage of the programme. Candidates who fail to match the requirements may be asked to leave the programme.

A. PhD Programme is oriented towards training students for careers in research. Such training is highly valued by academic institutions. But leading Indian companies, MNCs, investment banks, and consulting firms also value their training for certain positions requiring specialized research skills.

A. Students are allowed to seek employment after submitting the draft thesis to PhD Programme office for sending it to the External Examiners for evaluation. Students seeking employment prior to their final thesis defence are required to take a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from their TAC (Thesis Advisory Committee) / PhD Programme Chairperson.

A. You do not want to spend four to seven years doing doctoral work while you can accomplish your career goals by doing a one to two years MBA program.

A. Based on the information provided by the applicants, candidates will be shortlisted (on the recommendation of the respective areas) and called to Visakhapatnam for an area specific interview. Candidates will be admitted to the programme based on a combination of multiple parameters, as specified by the respective areas. Parameters may include applicant's performance in either of CAT, GMAT, GRE, GATE , JRF (NET) score, past academic performance, and interview performance.

Candidates require a valid test score, from any one of the acceptable tests for the area(s) of Specialization they are applying to, as shown in the following table:

Area of Specialization

Acceptable Test Scores

Decision Sciences


Economics & Social Sciences




Finance & Accounting


Information Systems






Production & Operations Management




  1. JRF(NET) in Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Defence and Strategic Studies, Population Studies*, Forensic Science, Computer Science and Applications, Electronic Science, Environmental Sciences.
  1. JRF(NET) in Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Commerce, Management, Computer Science and applications, Mathematical Science, Physical Science.
  1. JRF(NET) in Economics, Sociology, Management
  1. JRF(NET) in Commerce & Management
  1. JRF(NET) in Economics/Commerce/Population Studies/Management/Forensic Science/ Computer Science and Applications/ Electronic Science/ Environmental Sciences
  1. JRF(NET) in Management/Economics/Commerce only
  1. JRF(NET) in Management/Human Resource Management/Psychology /Sociology/Any other social science subject
  1. JRF(NET) in Economics/Commerce/Population Studies/Management/Forensic Science/ Computer Science and Applications/ Electronic Science/ Environmental Sciences. Only the applicants who have qualified NET/JRF exam will be considered.
  1. CSIR (NET) in Mathematical Sciences as an eligibility score.
  1. Minimum experience of two years is required for PhD in Strategy area.

All candidates should mandatorily provide the test score, which should be valid as on January 05, 2022, while applying.

  1. Applicants opting for GMAT or GRE should upload a copy of their official GMAT scores along with the application. Applicants who have not received the official scorecard, should upload the TEST TAKER COPY along with the application, but submit the OFFICIAL SCORECARD before the
  2. Applicants opting for Common Admission Test (CAT 2021) should provide their CAT 2021 registration number in the online The CAT 2021 scores made available to IIMV will be used in the assessment of the application.
  3. Applicants opting for GATE or JRF (NET) score should upload their valid SCORECARD along with the

A. We give high importance to an applicant's motivation and research capability. Interviews of selected applicants allows us to ascertain their motivation for research, and whether their aspirations are compatible with objectives of PhD Programme. It also gauges the academic preparation of the candidate for the specific area he/she has applied.

A. The selection is area specific and entirely depends on the candidate's performance.

A. You can apply to a maximum of two areas.

A. Students are expected to complete the programme within 5 years.

A. Students are awarded with PhD degree in their respective area of Specialisation.

A. IIMV provides one of the best financial packages for doctoral students. Students will be provided with a stipend of Rs 30,000 per month in the first year with a 10% annual increment up to a maximum of five years in addition to tuition fee waiver

A. Hostel accommodation is provided until the end of five-years subject to availability. HRA for students with families who live off-campus, monthly Rs.7,500/- or rent; whichever is less.

A. Yes, much of the research work done by our faculty members are interdisciplinary in nature

A. No, but they are required to work closely with professors as Teaching Assistants (TA) and Research Assistants (RA).